Supporting Events by other Organizations


It is a common practice to introduce events, workshops, or courses from other organizations or institutions to the KMP members.  On one hand, it is our interests to bring diversified learning opportunities to our members.  On the other hand, it is also the obligation of KMP to make sure these news or recommendations we bring are appropriate, relevant, honest, legitimate and harmless.  While it is our obligations to protect our members, there can be many complications in the market but can be packaged in a nice and attractive manner.  In addition, there might also be issues which can violate the principles, codes of conduct, rules & regulations of KMP.  This article serves as a reminder or guideline when this kind of opportunities arise.  Special concerns include, but not limited to the following:

  • Personal data privacy - it is a legal requirement in HK to protect personal info in HK.  Any KMP personnel has to be careful not to disclose any personal info of the individual members without prior consent.  It is a violation in law, and not negotiable.  In the market, many commercial organization or activities will try their best to break through this, and it is not uncommon to find deceiving cases.
  • More and more dishonest cases can be found in the market in which victims losing their money, valuable data, private information, etc.  Honesty & integrity is the foundation of mutual trust in KMP and we cannot allow anybody nor any incidence to destroy our reputation, and the mutual trust between members.  Even though it is unintentional, but careless mistakes can also cause undesired or even disastrous situations.  Don't forget some merchants or people are very good in taking advantages of other people.
  • Political propaganda - politic is not why KMP was setup.  Politic can have a lot of dishonesty and hostility, which violates our principle of trust, honesty & integrity, which eventually cause breaking-up or the entire organization,  We do not desire, do not support, and do not allow any political propaganda.
  • Reputation of KMP and of our members take a lot of time and effort to build up.  We cannot allow anything or incidence to destroy it.
  • Membership promotion - KMP is an association recruiting members.  It is not an honest behavior for any people to promote other memberships in KMP unless there is a formal acceptance and agreement from the proper authority in KMP.  KMP does not welcome such people for such behavior.  Serious offence can cause dismissals.
  • Other commercial purposes - Many activities are funded and supported with commercial interests.  insurance agents, property agents, and many different kinds of advertising, are common examples.  KMP serves our members and majority of whom as also business people.  Our area of interests is also business.  It is sometimes very difficult to draw a line.  The bottom line is, we must not let our members to lose faith in KMP, or have the feeling that we take their advantage.  KMP does not entire exclude commercials nor businesses but good consideration, assessment and evaluation should be made.  KMP does not exclude the possibility of accepting advertising but KMP will certainly explore the values or return to KMP as an organization too.
  • Social media is a complication because we have to maintain an open and fair environment while facing all above challenges.  However, it does not mean KMP will have to accept everything unreasonable.  If KMP does not help ourselves, nobody will, and nobody can.  Very often, it is a matter of how to face it, how to operate, and how to handle when cases happen.  KMP will be the ultimate and final decision maker, and don't forget, KMP will be liable to any consequence legally and morally.

Following are some considerations for reference:

  1. It is profit or non-profit?  Is it commercial?  What would be the commercial purpose behind?
  2. Are there any relevancy with KMP, or KMP members or the primary interests of our setup?
  3. Will our members benefit from it, and what?
  4. Are there any violation against our principles, codes of conduct, or rules & regulations?
  5. Will KMP members be differentiated from other normal participants, and how?
  6. Are there any hidden agenda whether it be commercial advertising or political propaganda?
  7. Are there any hidden agenda or process during the event that can/will violate our principles
  8. How registration is made?  What info will be required to fill in and are they reasonable?  Are there any trapping opt-in or opt-out?  Are suitable identification of KMP identity available for differentiation (only if necessary)?
  9. What returns would KMP members look for?  What returns KMP as an association should look for?
  10. What are the conditions of cooperation?  Are there any mutual agreement or bindings?
  11. While supporting the events, what would our members feel?  Will it be benefits, harassment, opportunities, or annoying?
  12. Are things sticking to KMP requests or guidelines pertaining to KMP branding and reputations, such as the logo, branding, and even detailed descriptions in different materials including web and printed formats.  It is not uncommon that all out-going promotional materials be approved prior to publishing.

There are different ways of supporting an event, an activity, or a course:

  1. Branding support
    • Listing of KMP logo in appropriate locations or materials, following KMP requirements and guidelines
    • Listing the name of KMP in appropriate locations or materials in different roles
  2. Promotion to KMP members
    • only on KMP social media channels
    • through electronic Direct Emails (eDM)
    • posting on KMP website as news
    • posting on KMP website as an event or other target/classified web pages
  3. Send guests of honor
    • roles being a guest representative which reflect the reputation of KMP too
    • there might also be some attentions such as the seating plan, delivery of speech, etc
  4. Send helpers or volunteers

by KF Cheng, Founder of KMP, KMP2P




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